San Lorenzo festival

The most notable festivals

The most notable festivals take place in Huesca in honour of its patron saint, San Lorenzo. For a week, from 9th to 15th August, the city undergoes an utter transformation, becoming decked in green and white, the atmosphere fills with the aroma of basil and the citizens parade out into the streets to celebrate the Fiestas de San Lorenzo.

On the morning of the 9th, as tradition dictates, thousands of the city's inhabitants eagerly await the pistol shot announcing the beginning of the festivals in Plaza de la Catedral. Amongst these festivities, it is worth mentioning the dancers, of ancestral tradition, the procession on 10th and the tribute made at the end of the festivities. Cheerful, bustling events also take place, which relate to the importance of the Feria Taurina.

Over this period, the city attracts a large number of visitors, who contribute fully to the atmosphere thanks to the hospitality of the people of Huesca.


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